About your mediator
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Her private practice focuses only on family law matters like custody, child support, enforcement, and visitation.  Her years of law practice, including temporary hearings and final trials, have given her a wide range of knowledge in the complex components of family law matters and that experience is now used to assist you in resolving your case without going to trial.  Barbara is known as a mediator who can settle even the toughest of cases.  She mediates between 20 and 25 cases each month.  Her settlement rate is approximately 90% and you can be sure she will be giving you her absolute best for your case.  Her creative ideas for children's issues and extensive knowledge of property issues, including military retirement, are leading reasons for her success.
"My years of legal practice and my personal experience with family law have given me unique insight into not only the legal issues of your case, but also the emotional aspect of what you are going through.  We are talking about your money, your children and your future.  It is an emotionally and financially draining experience-  And I understand!"                        - Barbara A. Armstrong

Barbara A. Armstrong

Texas licensed attorney since 1997 Family law mediator since 2007