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How to find us

Almost all mediations take place at our office.  Occasionally, a mediation will take place at another location.  If that is the case, all parties will have agreed to this and written notices will have been sent to all attorneys and parties prior to the mediation date. 

Still can’t find us?

If landmarks are more helpful, we are located in the Veritex Bank building which is a white, 6-story building on the North side of Boulevard 26, inside North Loop 820. 

Armstrong Mediations

7001 Boulevard 26, Suite 524 North Richland Hills, TX   76180   Phone: (817) 284-5500 Fax: (817) 284-5501
For your safety, the safety of the Mediator, and to ensure the confidentiality of the mediation process, no persons may be present during a mediation except parties and their attorneys. Exceptions to this rule can be authorized only by the mediator. If you believe your mediation should be exempt from this rule, please  contact your attorney so the specific information regarding same can be communicated to the mediator by your attorney.